Posted by: Jeff Rhodes | September 27, 2011

A Well-Rounded Insurance Program

Spent some time over the last few days at an insurance agents’ conference in Cleveland, OH.  The agents at the conference are primarily property and casualty agents from several large eastern states.  Our agency represents the only aviation agent in the group.  Clearly, aviation is a pretty small niche.  But, for those involved, it can become a significant driver of your insurance planning. 

How does your aviation insurance program interface with your other insurance needs?  Owners of airplanes and aviation businesses drive cars, own homes, visit the doctor, and have motorhomes, boats and motorcycles.  Aviation businesses have the same general liability exposures and property and equipment risk that any other business on Main Street would have. 

Do you concentrate ONLY on your aviation exposure, when considering your insurance needs?  Do you put as much thought and effort into your non-aviation risk management? 

Or – do you carry high personal limits elsewhere in your portfolio and ignore your equally significant aviation risk? 

A balanced approach to insurance and risk management is absolutely necessary.  Work closely with your agent(s) and make sure everyone knows all of your story.  Personal, business, and aviation exposures can and should be effectively integrated into a well thought out insurance program.

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