From time to time we have clients and friends that send us some amazing photos of aircraft and flying adventures.  Being in the aviation insurance world (and most of us being pilots or aviation addicts ourselves) we are always delighted in having the opportunity to view these photos.  Often times we find a picture that we like so much that we request permission to use it on our website, blog, magazine, etc.  It was this interest that sparked an idea…why not hold a Clear on Top photo contest each month and allow our readers to pick the winner out of our top 5 picks.

The guidelines are as follows:

  1. Enter as often as you like, but each image will only be judged 1 time.  If you have multiple photos that you would like to enter, we suggest submitting them on different months in order to better your odds of winning.
  2. Images may only be submitted by the original photographer.  Copyrighted images will be considered only if submitted by the copyright holder, subject to rule #3 below.
  3. CS&A Insurance along with Next Dimension Publishing and Clear on Top will hold non-exclusive rights publish the image at its discretion, as part of the current photo contest, or in various publications in the future. The owner of the image will retain all other rights.
  4. Submitted images must include:
    1. Name of the photographer
    2. City & State of photographers residence
    3. A brief description or caption for the photo
  5. All images considered for the Clear on Top photo contest must be submitted via the Submit a Photo link or by direct email to:  Submissions sent directly to CS&A Insurance, Next Dimension Publishing, or Clear on Top staff members will not be acknowledged or considered.
  6. Any submitted image lacking an aviation theme will not be considered.
  7. Each image submitted must be in either .GIF or .JPG format.
  8. Each month the top 5 photos will be chosen at the sole discretion of Clear on Top editors. These top 5 photos will be posted on the 1st business day of the following month to be voted on by our visitors.
  9. Each visitor may vote only 1 time in a given poll
  10. The poll will close on the last day of the month in which is was posted.
  11. The winning photo as chosen by vote of our visitors will be announced on the 1st business day of the following month and awarded the coveted title of Clear on Top Photo of the Month along with all the bragging rights the photographer can handle.
  12. Judging for each month’s top 5 photos will occur on the last business day of the month allowing for publication on the first business day of the following month. Entries received after judging begins will be entered in the following month’s contest.
  13. Clear on Top may, at our discretion, edit, resample or crop any image prior to publishing.

Preflight checklist complete…and clear for takeoff…lets get this thing in the air.

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