Posted by: Sean Kerr | March 24, 2011

Aspen, Avidyne, Garmin…Oh My!

Amazing, amazing, amazing!  If you have yet to hear, “welcome to the ‘avionics toy store'”.  Talk about a giant step forward on fully-integrated synthetic vision, glass panels, and touchscreens.  Avionics manufacturers accross the board are opening the door on a new standard for avionics technology.

To name a few…Aspen Avionics is promising continued improvement on their base system, Evolution Flight Display.  Avidyne is taking their synthetic vision to a whole new level as well as working in conjunction with Aspen to develope an interface between DFC90 Autopilot and EFD1000.  Garmin continues the drive to stay at the forefront of avionics technology by introducing the GTN 650 and GTN 750 series touchscreens.  As stated by Aspen, this is a “revolutionary and evolutionary” time.

Take a look at the live event at Aero-News Network today 1500 (PT) or 1800 (ET).

Garmin has been the only one, thus far, to announce pricing.  The GTN 560 will be at a suggested retail price of $11,495 and the GTN 750 will be at a suggested retail price of $16,995.  They plan to offer both of them at the Sun-N-Fun this year.  I guess I know where you will be.

As I looked over these different products, I could not help to think of Gene Roddenberry’s far out ideas in Star Trek, or Q’s outlandish inventions for James Bond’s “toys” in those classic movies; not to mention some of the television shows today. Whether you are a Star Trek fan, or just interested in technology, it is amazing to see how it has become so intuitive, “drag and drop” based, and touch-oriented; I am sure you will enjoy dreaming of what you can get from the “avionics toy store”.

Enjoy your shopping!

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