Posted by: Tom Chappell | September 15, 2011

New Is Not Necessarily Better

With the rush of all the cell phone manufacturers to “one up” each other in the capability of their new generation cell phones, they forgot just one thing, clear voice quality.  There is no question that I would like to be able to have all those new apps in my pocket ready to use at a moments notice.  Games and other entertaining applications could be at my fingertips if I would just break down an switch to this new generation technology.

Oh I have been tempted but I must keep in mind what my original purpose was in carrying a cell phone.  I want to talk to clients and friends on the phone.  I want them to easily hear what I am saying and I want to easily hear them.  You know that thing called communication.

Recently, I have realized that a pattern is forming.  Those friends and customers that have given in to the lure of this new technology are very difficult to hear when they call me on their cells.  When I complain, they usually say that they can hear me just fine.  To which I respond that they should swap ends with me.  The voice quality ranges from poor to terrible.  I recently read a Consumers Report review of the new generation cell (smart phones they call them) phones and they did mention minor problems with the voice quality.   I think they were being kind.  They aren’t minor problems.  The voice quality is bad.

No, I want my customers and friends to hear what I am saying.  I am just going to hang on to my old Razor Flip phone.  It isn’t pretty and it won’t do tricks, but I can talk on it.  Now that is a novel idea.

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