Posted by: Brent Anderson | February 28, 2011

Reopening a Claim

Not all aircraft repairs are completed cut and dry. Some repairs can get complicated with hidden damage or different opinions as to what repair is required.

For example, during the process of repairing a foreign object damage to a turbine engine the critical internal components were replaced, reassembled and the aircraft was placed back in service. The insurance claim was paid. During the next phase inspection, months later, a different mechanic reported the need to repair a component that appeared to be originally damaged during the previous loss event, but not repaired at that point. Mechanics, shops, and inspectors – even manufacturers – do differ in their opinions as to what is acceptable and considered airworthy and what is not.

Is this damage still a repair covered by the aircraft insurance? In this situation it would be necessary to contact the same insurance adjustor and seek additional payment for the repairs. Unless there was some extenuating circumstances, the claim should be reopened and this newly discovered damaged should be a covered as an extension of the previous claim.

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