Posted by: Tom Chappell | January 6, 2010

Misconceptions – Are Your Pilots Qualified?

In this continuing series we are discussing some of the more common misconceptions of the often misunderstood aircraft insurance policy. We welcome any discussion regarding aviation insurance matters. Keep in mind, the only truly stupid question is the one that is never asked.

Insurance policy pilot requirements is an area about which we continually caution our clients.  Although pilot qualifications are an obvious concern with any aviation insurance policy, I am constantly amazed by the lack of attention given to this important detail by many owners and chief pilots.  In the absence of a named pilot, if the open pilot warranties (the stated minimum pilot requirements) of your policy are violated, you may void your insurance policy.   When we call this to our customers attention, we get responses like:

“For what I pay in premium, everything should be covered.”

“I know this substitute pilot has a lot of time in this type of aircraft, I just don’t know exactly how much.”

“I know he is a good pilot, I would put my family in the aircraft with him.”

The fact is, it doesn’t matter how much you pay in premium or how good a pilot you have, if he is not a named pilot or doesn’t meet the minimum requirements stated in the open pilot warranty, you may violate your policy warranties and could void your coverage.  Know for sure what qualifications your pilot has.  Look at his log books.  Leave nothing to chance.

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