Posted by: CS&A Insurance | October 22, 2012

CS&A Insurance to speak at TBMOPA Convention 2012

Tom Chappell, CEO and Chairman of CS&A Insurance will be attending and presenting a seminar at the 9th Annual TBMOPA Convention Oct 24th thru the 27th at the Ritz Carlton in Amelia Island, FL. Tom has presented numerous times at this and other conventions with topics ranging from Insurance Market Updates to Risk Management and Risk Reduction for TBM Owners and Operators.

Tom’s involvement with the TBM Owner’s and Pilot’s Association (TBMOPA) goes far beyond presenting risk management and safety seminars at annual conventions.  He has played a pivotal role in the foundation and implementation of TBM’s Insurance and Safety Programs. He has worked with the TBMOPA and the various insurance underwriting facilities to develop an underwriter sponsored insurance discount program that rewards TBM owners for their participation in the foundation’s sponsored safety training.

The TBMOPA sponsors Safety Training Seminars at their annual conventions for the member pilot.  This training program goes beyond the usual required annual simulator based recurrent training that is mandated by the insurance underwriter.  Through these seminar sessions, the pilot will be briefed on various safety aspects of the aircraft operations.  These are everyday practical operational situations that most recurrent training programs neglect.

Tom Chappell’s presentation this year will be focused on three short topics specific to the TBM and its operator.  “Fleet Statistics”, “Aviation Insurance Market Trends”, and information on “What happens after a loss occurs” comprise this discussion.

For more information on Tom Chappell please contact CS&A Insurance or visit us at our website And don’t forget to check out our issue of Aviation Insurance & Risk Management TBMOPA Convention 2012 Issue here.


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