Posted by: Chris Davis | October 31, 2011

October – Photo of the Month

The photo submissions slowed down a bit over the summer months and we assume it is because you were just as busy as we were enjoying the beautiful weather and ample aviation opportunities it afforded.  If this month’s submissions are any indication of that activity, then we look forward to what the future submission have to share.  We had a good group of photos to choose from for October and we have narrowed them down to the top five. 

Be sure to cast your vote in the poll immediately following the photos and submit a picture for the contest with the link at the bottom of the page.  Contest rules and guidelines for submitting a photo can be found by visiting the PHOTO OF THE MONTH tab found in the blog header.


Click on the photos for a full size view

#1  “Black Mountain Beauty”

Rob Farland of Cheyenne, WY took this beautiful photo of his Cessna 170 during a day trip to the Black Mountain Airstrip in Utah.

#2  “First Time Flyer”

Emmet Welch of Folsom, CA sent us this photo of his daughter Mackenzi taken on the day of her first airplane ride in her daddy’s kit built Rans S-7S

#3  “In the Break”

Chris “Skyler” Kyler (USMC Ret.) of Meridian, MS sent us this self portrait demonstrating an overhead break in the T-45 Goshawk.  Chris may be retired, but he still gets to “play” with the Goshawk as a contract maintenance pilot.  Some guys have all the luck.  

#4  “L-Bird Flight”

Jimmy Holt of Huntsville, AL sent us this photo taken from the lead aircraft (Stearman) at the 2011 Moontown Grass Field Fly In.  Tom Kahlert flies the #3 position in his fully restored L-19 off the wing of George Myers in his immaculate L-16.


#5  “Communicating”

CLASSIFIED: Blake Mathis of Huntsville, AL took this great Polaroid of Alex Land executing a 4G negative dive while Jared Pettitt moves in above him in a 4G inverted dive at a range of about 2 meters.  Now that is a great way to keep up foreign relations.


The poll closes November 30th…




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