Posted by: Jeff Rhodes | July 11, 2011

Is Your Flight School on Facebook?

Participating in social media is as important today as having an email address and website  was 10 years ago or having a telephone  20 years ago.   As the aviation industry continues to struggle, staying up to date on modern marketing strategies is a MUST DO.

Many small aviation businesses already know this and have joined the social media world to promote their businesses.  But many are wasting their time.  The key to effective social media marketing is participation, frequent update, and engaging content.  It is NOT enough to simply create a profile or a page and then walk away.  Social media is not static.  You have to participate to be noticed. 

Twitter:  Send out business tweets 3-7 times per week, every week.  The shelf life on a Tweet is minutes long.  Not everything has to be business related. 

Facebook / Linkedin:  Set up a company page, not just a personal profile.  Post at least three times per week (every other day).  Add video and pictures.  Resist the urge to just repost someone else’s content.  Be creative and personal.  Shelf life on a Facebook update is a day. 

Blog:  The shelf life on a blog post is years.  Your blog posts show up in people’s searches anytime they seek information on your keywords.  Your goal should be to drive viewers to your blog site.  Sales people should follow up on visits to your blog.  Recency is key here, too.  Old or outdated material is worse than no material at all. 

If you run a flight school, a maintenance shop, an FBO, a charter service, or similar business, participate in your social media marketing success.  It’s as important as answering the telephone when it rings – maybe more so.

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