Posted by: CS&A Insurance | November 21, 2012

CS&A Insurance Wishes You a Happy Thanksgiving!

I never thought I would have to go through a Christmas section in a store to pick out a Halloween costume for my kids.  It seems “Christmas Season” keeps getting longer and longer each year as the marketing and merchandising starts earlier and earlier.  The stores know if they can get you to buy sooner you will buy more because the effect of the early purchases will go away and you start to wonder if you “have enough” and just one more thing is “ok”.  It saddens me to hear people wish Christmas would just hurry up and get here and they can’t wait for Christmas to be over.  I feel much of society is drug through the Christmas season without ever taking the time to stop and appreciate it for what it is supposed to be.  It is a hectic time of year and unless we dictate as individuals and families what we will and will not allow ourselves to do, the time and experience will get away from us.

With this thought in mind I can’t help but think about Black Friday. The hustle and bustle of the holidays is upon us and it’s really easy to forget that there are others with the same goals and obstacles on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Black Friday is notorious for accidents, rude and here in the recent years violent people not only on the road but also in the stores. Please remember to be courteous, selfless, hospitable and caring. It’s not worth being hurt or hurting someone to get the last low priced laptop or iPad. Next year there will be all new widgets and cogs for you to wonder about and haggle over. Please remember those in need as well.

This is a time of year to give Thanks and Love to everyone. We are all humans and need each other to make this world be better.
CS&A Insurance wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

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