Posted by: Jeff Rhodes | December 20, 2011

New PC-XII Training Option

Pilots transitioning to a turbine airplane for the first time are often in need of “dual” instruction in their aircraft to meet both insurance requirements and to gain a level of experience in a potentially new flight envelope.  Quality transition training is vitally important from an insurability and safety standpoint.  The simulator is great for things that can’t be safely done in the airplane, but many transitioning pilots – or experienced pilots that need a new training twist – also benefit from flying in real world conditions with a mentor pilot.

Shane Jordan recently started 3-Green Aviation to offer such training.  Shane worked for Pilatus as a demo and instructor pilot and has grown to love flying the PC-XII.  He contacted me a few years ago for advise of walking through the insurance approval process.  3-Green Aviation is now approved (or can be approved on a case by case basis) by most of the insurance underwriting companies that write the PC-XII. 

Based in Colorado, Shane offers a Mountain Flying Course is part of his training package.  What better way to spend your training time than to challenge yourself learning how to fly your airplane in the hot and high – and stunningly beautiful – Rocky Mountains. 

We wish Shane Jordan and 3-Green Aviation great success.  Feel free to contact Shane or me for details.

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