Posted by: Chris Davis | August 17, 2011

Toddlers & Tailwheels


Talk with Bruce Bohannon about his favorite things in life and you will quickly learn that flying and children make his short list.  At first this combination may seem like a strange pair, but when you ask Bruce what kids and tailwheels have in common he makes some interesting comparisons. 

  1. If you don’t pay attention, they’ll both get away from you.
  2. Small corrections early are better than big ones later.
  3. Light pressure is really all that is necessary to keep them straight.
  4. They are safer on grass than on concrete.
  5. Over controlling them is just as bad as under controlling.
  6. Just because they are small and cute doesn’t mean they aren’t a handful.
  7. The further you let them stray, the harder they are to recover.
  8. Avoid distractions, both require full-time attention.
  9. Liquids oozing from them is normal.
  10. If you look away, even for a second, they’ll be gone.
  11. Not everyone should have one.
  12. It’s up to you to keep them from turning against the wind.
  13. Don’t always give them what they want, but always give them what they need.
  14. Both are always waiting to surprise you.
  15. Just because they love you today, doesn’t mean they won’t rebel tomorrow.

– Bruce












Got a photo of sharing aviation with kids?  Submit it to the photo contest and brag on the children a bit.

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