Posted by: Sean Kerr | July 14, 2011

Though Shifting to China…Keep the Fundamentals the Same

As you read this article from the South China Morning Post, consider the fact we live in a great nation. Be reminded that opportunities abound, and that we are only limited by our own thinking. Also, be reminded the wonderful world of aviation can and will thrive amongst this global economy.

There is no doubt that aviation manufacturers, such as Cessna, have taken a beating these last few years. Though there have been targets on their backs and on the backs of “fat cat” aircraft of owners; it never ceases to amaze me what good ole’ since of pride, responsibility, freedom and ingenuity will do. Again, no one can take those away from you.

You know the  saying, “if you are not growing, you are dying”. We have to further realize that staying at even par is not enough. Whether it is the company who combines the polymers to be placed in a cast (of course the cast is designed by a different company), which makes a plastic light cover, to be shipped by a different company and be placed on the aircraft annunciator panel by another company, then that aircraft find its way to another business who in turn attends a meeting to discuss or sale a piece of plastic.

 Through that little sketch, many pieces to the puzzle were missed. Again, take time to think and appreciate our nation, your ingenuity and then apply to your business. Am I growing or am I dying?

From the avionics shop to the flight school to the corporation, what niche have I carved out? Can my niche be further refined? What niche can I develop? How can I make sure that I have profitable growth (increase of your “top line” and “bottom line”). Do you realize many of our practices for profitable growth are the same as those of a street vendor?

Throughout the challenges, remember to keep your focus on the basics. Commit yourself to a lifetime of learning.

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