Posted by: Chris Davis | June 1, 2011

May – Photo of the Month

Congratulations to Rob Stokes of Tremonton, UT who won the Photo of the Month contest for May.  Rob’s photo “Refreshing Landing” took 25.85% of the votes followed closely by “Alaska Sunset”  submitted by Jim O’Neill with 22.41% of the votes.

We had another good group of photos to choose from for June and we have narrowed them down to the top five.  Be sure to cast your vote in the poll imediately following the photos and submit a picture for the contest with the link at the bottom of the page.  Contest rules and guidelines for submitting a photo can be found by visiting the PHOTO OF THE MONTH tab found in the blog header.

Click on the photos for a full size view

#1  “Going to Valdez”

Don Watts of Alaska sent us this photo of Mount Hayes on a flight to Valdez. 

#2  “At the Gateway”

Rob Stokes of Tremonton, UT is back with another great photo of some back country flying.  Rob and his wife stopped in at the Gateway Canyons in Colorado to visit a “cool little resort for the weekend”.  I think we will have to add this one to the growing list of must visit locations. 

#3  “Root of Relaxation”

What can we say, Rob takes some great photos of places we would all like to visit.  We just couln’t leave this one out…the Root Ranch is located in the Frank Church Wilderness Area of Idaho.  Another must visit loation to add to the list. 

#4  “Fighter Escort”

Chris Davis of Mount Juliet, TN shot this photo while receiving a fighter escort just outside of the Columbus MOA.  The Corsair joined up off the wing of the Navajo during a transition flight to the Great Tennessee Airshow.  To give you an idea of its speed, the Corsair departed 10 minutes after the Navajo on this 232 nm trip and arrived at the destination nearly 20 minutes prior.  Nothing like good old American muscle.   

#5  “Making Airplane Noises”

Jeff Rhodes of Taylorsville, GA sent us this photo of an old hat showing a new generation the ropes in a new Air Tractor 402.

The poll closes June 30th…



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