Posted by: Jeff Rhodes | May 5, 2011

Follow These Simple Instructions!

I found this nice little article on the internet about how to fly a Cessna 182.  See this link before you read any further.

While I agree with the first two steps – Find and instructor and Get a pilot’s license – the rest of the article produced tears of laughter since almost all of it is wrong.  Maybe it’s a joke, but I wonder if the author has ever even seen a Cessna 182. 

To me, this type of article illustrates what we all know to be true, but sometimes forget:  Don’t believe everything you see, hear, or  read.  While the internet is a wondrous resource, containing more knowledge at one’s fingertips than is contained in millions of volumes in the world’s best libraries, it is also full of misinformation, inaccuracies, lies, propaganda, and people that claim to be experts in things that they know little about. 

Some of the most potent internet misinformation involves “best practices” for running or starting a business.  If you are considering an aviation business (or personal) venture, use extreme caution when relying on advise from a faceless internet stranger.  Instead, use some old fashioned networking to find a few trusted advisors with proven track records in their field of expertise.  Use these personal contacts as mentors and teachers.  Learn from their advice and their mistakes.  Sit down over drinks and communicate with them frequently one on one.   You may even have to pay them for their services, because, sometimes, the advisors with the best advise often sell it for a living! 

The best way to make a little money in aviation is to start with a LOT of money and open  a business based on grand ideas and short sighted planning.  There’s a good chance you’ll have just a little money when you’re done.  There are no free lunches and you likely won’t get rich quick.  And the industry is littered with examples of “expert” failures that are ready and willing to tell you the best way to do it.

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