Posted by: Chris Davis | May 2, 2011

April – Photo of the Month

Congratulations to Jamie Oman of Trout Creek Ranch in Nevada who won the Photo of the Month contest for April.  Jamie’s photo “The Cow Boss Greets His Day Help” took 72% of the votes winning this months contest by a landslide.

We had a good group of photos to choose from for May and we have narrowed them down to the top five.  Be sure to cast your vote in the poll imediately following the photos and submit a picture for the contest with the link at the bottom of the page.  Contest rules and guidelines for submitting a photo can be found by visiting the PHOTO OF THE MONTH tab found in the blog header.

Click on the photos for a full size view

#1  “Cirrus SR22 Turbo Tail Shot”

Ingrid Hendriksen of Australia

#2  “Alaska Sunset”

Jim O’Neill of NorthStar Aero in Fairbanks, AK sent us this photo taken last fall while standing on the beach in front of his cabin at a remote lake (Deadman Lake) in Interior Alaska.  The photo was taken at about 1AM as sun was setting.

#3  “American Airlines – Flagship Detroit”

Wayne Cowan of Lebanon, TN took this photo / play on words at the 2009 Mid Tenn Fly In.

#4  “Refreshing Landing”

Rob Stokes of Tremonton, UT sent us another great shot taken on the Trout Creek Ranch in Nevada made famous by last months photo contest winner.

#5  “Trainer Formation”

Jimmy Holt of Huntsville, AL sent us this shot of a Stearman and T-6 performing a formation pass with pitch out break at the 2010 Moontown Grass Field Fly In.

 The poll closes May 31st…


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