Posted by: Brent Anderson | March 28, 2011

I Hate Insurance

Every so often I enter a conversation with a person who has a very negative attitude toward insurance.  It quickly becomes obvious when they say they need insurance, but then when you start asking questions about what they need and why, you get a lecture on what a rip off the insurance industry is followed by those *#%^&$% and how they can go %#@%%$!.   I generally sit and listen for a while and let them vent.  I know several things immediately; this is going to be a long conversation, so be patient.  I will need to be a therapist and counselor first with a sympathetic ear before we can move on. When they have reached the point of running out of words and their frustration level is back down to that of a one year old learning how to walk for the first time, I will be able to move into a teacher mode.   After a session of explanation on how things should be we may be ready to move forward with the purpose of their call.

In most cases the “hate insurance” initiates from a bad experience.  Either their coverage failed to meet their expectations, or a claim was poorly handled.  Whatever the cause, it results in anger, frustration, and an “I hate insurance attitude”.  The real problem now is what their “bad attitude” does toward their need for proper insurance coverage and premium costs.

THE PROBLEM:  A person with a “hate insurance” attitude will not be open and sharing with information.  Answers to questions will be short with minimum information and an occasional “that is none of your business” response.   I find it is very difficult to explore their situation to determine what insurance coverage they need.   In general, expect little to no information and they only want the minimum coverage at the lowest premium rate based on the little bit of information I have been provided.  “Hurry up and get this done because I don’t want to buy your insurance anyway.”  Maybe this is why buying insurance from geckos, ducks, dogs or turtles is so popular. Get it on-line, don’t talk to anyone and at least think you have a good deal until you need it.

THE RESULT:  If an insurance agent fails to resolve the problem of Mr. “I hate Insurance”, they will be destined to get insurance coverage that will once again fail to meet their needs and they will again be disappointed in the insurance industry where all are crooks and rip off artists out to get them.  Life goes on, but financially they continue to take big steps backward that insurance could have prevented.  The insurance coverage they need will never match up with the coverage they get.   What a waste of premium dollars.

THE RESOLUTION:  If you are a person who hates insurance, remember, it is a contractual agreement. There is nothing to love or hate.  Your frustration generates from a failure to understand the contractual agreement.  Start over and resolve to change how you buy your insurance.  Your agent needs to know about your situation and all the areas where you may have an exposure.  Share all you know.  Ask questions.  What coverage are you going to provide me? Why these?  Are there areas I may not have adequate coverage? What affects the premium rate for each of the coverage areas?  How can I change what I do to reduce the premium? The more your agent learns about your situation and the more you understand what is being provided the better control you have over the risk exposure and the premium resulting in less frustration.  You don’t need to love it; just understand it.

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