Posted by: Jeff Rhodes | March 14, 2011

Aviation Management Risk

The biggest threats to aviation businesses are not aircraft accidents, natural disasters, or catastrophic liability events – they are improper or inadequate management decisions. 

A problem that manifests itself time and time again with aviation businesses is high employee turnover.  With charter operators, flight schools, and maintenance shops, there can often be a revolving door of aviation professionals.  Our industry has created a culture where a three-year tenure is a long stay with a single employer.  With the high cost of training and retraining pilots and other professionals – $10,000 – $20,000 per pilot for a corporate aircraft initial or recurrent simulator session, before we begin the in house training that includes drug, SMS, company procedures, etc. – we must get a handle on recruiting and retaining good people. 

See the attached article from The Ken Blanchard Companies –

We must look for good employee / employer fits up front and then do the things necessary to keep those people long-term.  The aviation business is NOT immune from traditional business problems and is not exempt from proven business management principles.  We need more than a warm, FAA licensed body filling the front seats.

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