Posted by: Jeff Rhodes | February 23, 2011

A Little Energy Good News

As auto fuel prices rise well over $3.00 and Avgas and Jet A prices more than double that, it is easy for those of us in the transportation industry to become disillusioned with the prospects of a future.  At times, we begin to feel trapped – our livelihoods seemingly dependent on the whims of despots, dictators, and unstable governments all over the world.

Our answer may lie in natural gas.  Natural gas (NG) is in abundant supply in both North America and Europe, and new technology is making it practical to recover for the first time.  Aircraft – both piston powered and turbine powered could fairly easily (technically speaking) be converted – or designed – to run on Compressed Natural Gas or Liquified Natural Gas.

The following article from the Wall Street Journal will leave you feeling pretty positive about solutions to this energy crisis.

Now – to get our politicians out of the way and let the industry work…

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