Posted by: Tom Chappell | February 8, 2010

Broad Form Policies

Insurance companies vary greatly in the policy forms they issue and in the coverages they include in each of these forms. Most companies reserve the better policy forms for those aircraft owners and operators that they perceive to be the best risks. They leave the basic policies for the average aircraft operator.

No two insurance companies approach the wording of policies the same.  Some companies will issue a basic policy form and then endorse the form to broaden the package of coverages. Others simply issue a broad form policy which contains additional coverages without the need for endorsements.

The cost for the broad form policies or endorsements is minimal. Most underwriters reserve these broad forms as a reward to preferred risks and charge little or no premium for the coverage expansion.  Some of the expanded coverage appears insignificant where others are very meaningful. If your policy does not include a coverage expansion endorsement or is not written on a broad policy form, ask your agent if you qualify for the broad form coverage at your next renewal. Remember, some of the broad form coverages are only made available to corporate flight departments staffed only by professional pilots.

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